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Empowering Girls in Kgalagadi North: WFCB's Impactful Workshop

"See Yourself & See Your Neighbour"

WFCB recently planned and coordinated an empowering workshop tailored exclusively for young girls. Themed "See Yourself & See Your Neighbour," the workshop aimed to instil a sense of self-awareness, confidence, and community spirit among the participants from the communities of KD1 (Ukhwi, Ncaang & Ngwatle).

The workshop began with an energizing morning session that included various activities, such as a mingling game, self-reflection, and the creation of positive names. The agenda also featured an introduction to WFCB, which set the stage for a day focused on personal development and empowerment. Interactive exercises allowed the girls to delve into their past travels, dream countries, and desired careers. A lively song and dance session provided a vibrant interlude, fostering a positive and energetic atmosphere. 

The afternoon session focused on crucial topics concerning body positivity and sexual reproductive health. Activities such as a body parts puzzle and discussions on maintaining a clean environment for the body encouraged a healthy appreciation for self-care. The workshop also addressed important issues like menstruation myths and facts, hygiene, understanding one's body, and identifying red flags related to sexual abuse. The session concluded with an emphasis on abstinence and a snapshot session capturing memorable moments.

As the day progressed, the girls broadened their horizons by exploring the importance of nature conservation and connecting with their surroundings. WFCB's engaging approach ensured that the workshop was not only informative but also entertaining, incorporating Mohago dance sessions and visual presentations to reinforce key messages.

WFCB's dedication to empowering young girls was evident throughout the workshop, fostering an environment where participants could embrace their potential, celebrate their bodies, and gain valuable insights into their overall well-being. The "See Yourself & See Your Neighbor" workshop stands as a testament to the positive impact community-driven initiatives can have in shaping the future of these young lives.

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