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#EmpowerHer Conservation Internship Programme

Updated: May 11, 2023

Women FOR Conservation Botswana (WFCB) focuses on promoting the participation and leadership of women in the conservation sector of Botswana. One of the ways that WFCB achieves this goal is through the #EmpowerHer Conservation Internship Programme, which provides opportunities for women to gain practical experience in conservation and environmental management.

#EmpowerHer Conservation Internship Programme launched in 2022 and during this maiden year, WFCB's first intern Mane Serwalo Jorowe was posted at the Leopard Ecology & Conservation (LEC) camp in Khutse Game Reserve. The LEC community and education team described this as a learning experience that saw Mane grow in the field as they helped her understand the practical aspects of conservation.

I was really mind blown by how San trackers are able to read tracks like they are reading a book, this showed me how indigenous knowledge plays an important role in conservation - Mane Serwalo Jorowe

As 2023 kickstarted, the #EmpowerHer Conservation Internship Programme has another intern, Thato Matumbu. She has been placed at the Kalahari Research & Conservation (KRC) camp in the Kgalagadi District of Botswana. She will work alongside KRC's community engagement team and implement community projects within the region.

Thato is doing great with KRC. She fits in well with the entire team. Her hard work and enthusiasm in the field adds value to the entire team. - Glyn Maude (Kalahari Research & Conservation)

One of the unique aspects of the WFCB internship programme is its focus on gender equity and women's empowerment in conservation. The #EmpowerHer Conservation Internship Programme addresses the gender gap in the conservation sector and promotes women’s leadership by placing interns within organizations and agencies that WFCB collaborates with. These placements allow interns to work alongside experienced conservation professionals, where they can learn from experts in various fields related to conservation and gain valuable skills and knowledge. The programme provides hands-on experience, mentoring, and leadership development opportunities, and is focused on promoting gender equity in the conservation sector.

WFCB calls out to any organization willing to create an opportunity and take on one of our zealous graduates as part of the #EmpowerHer Conservation Internship Programme. If your organization wants to be part of the change and help WFCB create a new generation of conservation leaders committed to protecting the natural world and empowering women in the process, you can contact us at

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