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KRC is conducting actions to conserve the integrity of the Kalahari dryland ecosystem. The wildlife in the Kgalagadi is threatened by unsustainable encroachment of livestock, human wildlife conflict and illegal hunting for bush meat and body parts trade. The landscape hosts are many herbivores, including Eland, Springbok, Gemsbok, Hartebeest, Wildebeest, Duiker and Steenbok. There are good populations of the African lion, African wild dog, cheetah, leopard, Spotted and Brown Hyaena, and small carnivores such as Caracals, African wild cat and Black-footed cat. The raptor population there is diverse, including critically endangered species such as the white-backed and white-headed vultures, plus a variety of large and small eagles. The communities living in or near this landscape are poor and lack meaningful alternative livelihoods. With the expertise and experience in our team we works with the communities to come up with livelihoods alternatives as well as encourage land use practices  that prevent further encroachment into the key areas for wildlife.

We aim to sustain this conservation approach and contributions to this call will go a long way in ensuring that the landscapes and its rich wildlife resources are protected. The support will enhance our wildlife research and conservation, but most importantly support the communities to reduce their dependence on the system, and temptations to engage in illegal activities.

Payment instructions

For EFT payments:

  1. Please fill the donation form and submit

  2. In the order summary, enter the amount and select offline payment and enter your details.

  3. After entering your details, click the "pay now" button. You will receive a summary of your donation by email.

  4. Kindly reference your payment when making the transfer with your initials and surname.

Bank Details

Account name: Kalahari Research and Conservation Trust

Account number: 62713286666

Bank: First National Bank Botswana

Branch: Kgale, Gaborone

Branch code: 284567


For Paypal payments:

  1. Please fill in the donation form.

  2. In the order summary, enter the amount and select "PayPal checkout". You will be redirected to Paypal to log in and fulfill the payment.

We are working on expanding our payment options.

Currently, donations can be made through EFT and Paypal.

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