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I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) with a major in Environmental Science. During my studies, I worked as a research assistant on two major projects that entailed conducting social surveys. Upon completion of my studies, I worked briefly as an assistant GIS and remote sensing consultant and then as a trainee environmental practitioner.

As a young girl, the closest I got to nature was through camping and watching animal documentaries, which ignited my love for nature and conservation. I was fortunate to be awarded an MPhil scholarship from the University of Oxford through WildCRU to study natural resources management focusing on the spatio-temporal variation of human lion conflict in northern Botswana at the Okavango Research Institute, where I finally began my conservation journey.

My MPhil journey was a humbling experience because I worked closely with communities living alongside wildlife and came to understand the complexities of human wildlife conflict management. I also realised that there is little representation of African women in conservation and that is why I am excited to be a part of Women For Conservation Botswana in order to show young Africans, especially women, that they can pursue a career in conservation and be active participants in protecting Africa’s natural resources.

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